So now let’s talk about iAWriter. Now this app this iAW writer is one of the top productivity apps that’s available on AppStore right now. This app won multiple awards for being one of the best text editor document editor and productivity app on iOS and android. This app is available for both iPhone iPad and iPod with price of about $19.99 on USA AppStore. Yes price is a bit too much for just an text editor app but let’s see if this app is still worth buying in 2020 or not. So to start with as we know this is an text editor you can write text using Apple Pencil to write or write with just keyboard edit text search and replace text add pictures change theme change background change font change text change colours etc almost every possible function you would expect from a good text editor your going to get it here. So yes it’s just like any other generic text editor available on the market right now but what makes this app to be best among the group let’s see.

so here are some of the key feature that makes this editor better than some other text editors and it’s competitors the features are as follow.

Easy to use interface with very responsive design for both iPhone and iPad. Even if you use it on a small screen of iPhone or iPad you can easily do your writing work with ease as screen is very responsive no matter what. It’s good for people who have got only iPhone or iPod to work on and their fingers they feel are too big to make precise drawings or write with precision on screen. Another key feature is that this app has very minimalist design and interface which don’t feel like bulk or very complicated.

app comes with both day and night mode and I think most of the people who using this app are going to be sticking with night mode as in night mode this app is a masterpiece. Your eyes won’t hurt and you can make your awesome work article do document editing and so on with ease.

Now let’s talk about next big thing. Is this app is better than free Microsoft office apps that are available on iOS or is this app better than Microsoft office apps that’s available for utility and office work on mobile let’s see.

For price point of View yes this app is expensive it cost $20 and on other hand all Microsoft office app on iOS and mobile are free so ye on price point this app really loses. But let’s goes toward productivity part of the comparison . Yes Microsoft office is free but in order to get advance editing features you need to have a Microsoft subscription that cost like $10 a year on other hand our app don’t has any subscription it’s just one time purchase of $20 and you can use it forever. Also our app got light mode and is more flexible and easier to use . So ye it’s really worth buying right now expecially if you wanted to buy it for your work.

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