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So let’s start today with an educational app named iWriter so what is iWriter let’s see. So to start with iWriter is a smart educational app and text editor using iWriter you can edit your documents scan your documents or print your documents with ease with a simple and flexible way. iWriter also supports Apple Pencil support and you can also use it to print your documents faster. You can scan your documents with perfection using iWriter camera moreover you can use iWriter to draw things edit things edit your pre document and so on. IWirter has a simple and a minimalist design as compare to other text editor or drawing applications that are available on iOS or android right now. With iWriter you also get life time free cloud Sync with no subscription or extra cost. It’s just one time purchase of iWriter Software that cost only $9 in USA AppStore and you get lifetime cloud backup and other features such as cloud sync on iPad iPod iPhone and so on. iWriter is available on all devices iPad iPhone and iPod running iOS 12 or above with same design and responsive overlay. Though some version of iWirter on mobile has different feature or lack some features as iPhone has very small screen compared to an iPad.

Some of the key features of this text editors are
Search and edit any text or any part of your documents
Customise fonts and theme
Draw anything anywhere or add fonts or png or images
Sent it as text document on email Twitter or Facebook
Export it to WordPress or export it to MS word or any other software that is available on computers with ease.

Now let me share with you people my experience with using iWriter for my job. As for now I mostly use my MacBook Air and my iPad to do editing and document writing work. Most of f the times i feel using MacBook everywhere comber sun so I started to use iWriter to write documents and also use it to scan my old documents so I can refer them or edit them when needed as a $9 app this app works great I was able to edit all my work effortless withoth any issues. Most importantly this app is available on both iPhone and iPad so I could just sync my documents from any device I have and then use it on go. Though one thing I wanted to share with you is that even though this app is very good I feel that instead of this app we could just use Microsoft apps on iOS and android as they are even better and more easier to edit documents on as and feels more real also those other apps are free to use without any issues of anything.


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