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so today let talk about an app in which you can paint something like a professional the app called Pixelmator. you can download this app from Appstore an Playstore. this app is one of the most popular apps in IOS and Android. and I know most people love to edit photos or paintings so now I am here to explain why Pixelmator is one of the most popular apps in the Appstore and play store. it just because of the quality of the app. you can add any photo to paint or create any images you want. one more thing is you can the is very simple to use. so now let me tell you some information about the app. this app call Pixelmator and the size of this app take 176.4MB it a little bigger than some apps because it so many things than another app. for ios this app available only on ios 11.0 or later. you can download it on iPhone Ipad and iPod touch. and the ages of this app is over 4 years. and one more thing is the price of the app it cost $4.99 it a little bit expensive but it has the best quality. and this app is one of my favorite app for me. because I just spend a little bit of time to edit and paint on my picture. it really cools for me causeI just spend 30 minutes to finish my picture. some people did ask me some questions. there are:

why did I decide to buy it?

who recommends you buy a bit?

how do you feel after you bought it?

I will answer all this question but before I answer I just want to share with you something that I have met. it is kind of bad thing and the bad thing is I borrow the money from my friend to buy the Pixelmator app after that I share this with him and he said thank you and one more thing is he doesn’t let me pay him back with money that I borrow him. and I just say thank you to him.

so now let start answer the question. I decided to buy It because I want the best app to paint my picture and I will upload it to my Facebook and my Instagram. but no one believes me that I paint it that they said fake then I just reply to them I don’t care cause I actually painted it. the answer to the second question is no one recommends me to but it just because Pixelmator is one of the popular. but before I buy it I did search on youtube to see how good the app. after I watched it I decided to buy it. I also share it with my friend my family and my fan. the answer to the last question is I actually feel very good after I bought it because it helps me a lot example create any images I want and also edit my picture.

finally, I just recommend everybody here try this app because it actually can help you a lot.


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