Secure NotePad Review


So today let’s talk about another educational or a handy utility app named secure notepad. So what is secure notepad? Secure note pad is an app that is available for both iPhone and iPad for about $3 pretty cheap for a typical educational or utility apps that’s available on iOS at the moment. This app has exact same user interface and features like Apple pre installed notepad app with some extra features like feature of embedding images videos and voice on your notes added. Now let’s see what else this app has to offer us well to start with you can secure your notes with multiple 256 Bit encryption pretty solid one right for just a notepad app. App also lets you write HTML CSS and JavaScript codes so ye it’s a step forward than normal notepad app.but is it worth paying extra $3 for this app? Well let’s see Apple notepad is free to use and comes pre installed on your iPhone and iPad. It’s pretty fluid and on iOS 14 it also comes with night mode so your eyes won’t hurt. On the other hand Secure note pad don’t have any night mode option also it don’t really support Apple Pencil Scribble support. So like why buy it it has almost all basic functions similar to apples notepad app only security features is improved but let’s be honest when we write something on our iPhone or iPad it’s already secured very well via Apple biometric locks such as Face ID and Touch ID more over you csn choose one passcode lock on all your notes. Also most of the notes we written are not that much of value like if we lose it then we going to lose everything we had or something like that. So let’s just think why should we spend $3 for this app?

Well if you have security concern then just don’t use your iPhone or iPad to write use something else. If you plan to use this app for your job then chances are you also wanted to buy an antivirus software for your iPhone and iPad. And in reality there is no antivirus software on iOS. Same is with all android devices there you will find plenty of antivirus software but you really don’t need it. This app tries to solve a problem that don’t even exist. So ye just don’t buy it stay away from it it’s just a cash grab.

In conclusion I would like to say that yes having concerns about your security is a good thing and almost everyone here is concerned about his or her security at this time but an app like this which has really very little to offer us in terms of new functionality it’s identical to Apple official notepad app with clunky design and very bad touch controls. Just stay away from apps like this which are just mere copy of main apps and try to show them betrer and cutting edge they are just bad very bad and they only want your money they have a very little or almost nothing to offer you in terms of good user experience or good functionality.

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