Spectre Cam And Camera 2+ Review


So today I have something that is which is we can record our video like a professional. So I choose two apps which are I usually use it and both of the app called Camera+ 2 And  Spectre camera. Both of the apps very simple to use because I used to use them. And the quality of both of the app is very high and very easy to use. So now we need to know some information about both of the app first. I will tell you about the Spectre Camera first. This app is called Spectre camera it just needs a small size of 15.9MB to install it to your phone. I actually need a small size but the quality of the video is really high and high effective. You can download this app on ios and android. But for ios, you can only download it on ios 11.0 or later. And the language of this app English- Dutch-French-German-Italian-Japanese- Korean-Simplified Chinese-Spanish-Traditional Chinese. And the seller name Lux Optics Incorporated. And the ages are over 4 years. One more thing we should know about this app ( Spectre Camera ) is the prize.  This app cost $3.99 US dollar. I think this app is not expensive because it really special for people who love to record videos like me. I just recommend everybody here to try and use this app and I know you will love it.

So now let talk about Camera+ 2. Camera+ 2 is one of my favorite apps because I usually use it to record my video and edit my video. So now just get to know some important information about Camera+ 2 app first, you can download this app in Appstore and Playstore. this app needs a size a little bit bigger than Spectre Camera. It takes 164.5 MB. For ios, this app you can install it only on your phone on ios 13.0 or later.and the language of this app has English-French-German-Italian-Japanese-Korean-Portuguese-Simplified Chinese-Spanish-Traditional Chinese. And the seller Name LateNiteSoft S.L. and the age of this app is over 4 years. And the last thing about this app is the prize. This app cost $4.99 US dollar. This app is just a little bit more expensive than the Spectre Camera because both of the apps have different special things. So I just recommend everybody to try this app too. And I guess you will like it too. So many people did ask me a question about both of the apps. And the question is both of the apps which one do to you like to record your video. And the answer is I choose Camera+ 2. I choose it because I think Camera+ 2 has a lot of staff than the Spectre camera. It just because Camera+ 2 is more expensive.But just recommend everybody here to try both of the apps first. The quality of it is very similar and really simple to use.

Finally I just want to give the score to Camera+ 2( 9/10  ) and Spectre camera ( 8/10 ). And hope you enjoy the app.

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