Forest App Review


today I have an app and it kind of education app it calls Forest – Stay focused. so before we start we need to know some information about the app first. Forest – Stay focused on an app that you can build or grow the tree to become a forest. the size of this app take 378.5 MB. it just a little bigger but the graphic and the quality is very high. and the language has English-Arabic-French-German-Italian-Japanese-Korean-Portuguese-Russian-Simplified Chinese-Spanish-Thai-Traditional Chinese-Turkish. you can download this app on ios and android. but for ios this app you can download it only your phone on ios 10.0 or later. and the seller Name SEEKRTECH CO., LTD. and I have one more thing we should know about Forest – Stay focused is the Price this app cost $1.99. I think it not expensive because it education app. so if you bought it you should share it with your friend, your family or your teacher.

this app is one of the most popular apps in Playstore and AppStore. and it is one of my favorite apps too. so now I just want to share with you my experience of Forest – Stay focused app to everybody here. the first time that people told me to play this app I don’t even interesting and they just told me this app can grow your life because it is an education app. so I decided to try this app and after a few days I can feel this app is actually helping me. like growing something is not easy. like in this app growing plant or tree to build a beautiful forest. after that, I share this app with many people, for example, Facebook or Youtube, and I just recommend them to use it. one more thing about this app is I can make money from it, for example, I grow the plant on this app and I record the video and then I can edit my video and upload it to youtube and my Facebook page and I can earn some more money from it. this is just my idea but you can try like me. so many people did ask me some question about Forest – Stay Focused is who recommend you to try the app and the answer is my parent recommend me to try this app because they just want me to learn something in that app.

so now let talk about something in the app. the logo of the app is very interesting and so cool for me. and inside the app is very interesting again and especially at the graphic, it has really good quality. and one more thing is the color inside the app is true it make me feel interesting again because it is very high of quality and looks cute to me.

finally, I just recommend everybody here to try it first. and if you bought it don’t forget to share it with someone you love. hope you enjoy the app and have a good life.

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