Top 5 : Sprinkle s Bundle FNAF:Help Wanted and FAR: Long Sail


So we are back again with another top five best games you must play in year 2020. Today on our list we will be taking about some of the new releases mostly by indie developers. These games just got released and got immensely popular in the gaming community due to its distinctive art style or game logic or for some other distinctive reasons so let’s start.

So let’s start our today’s review with a game bundle namely sprinkle game bundle this bundle compromise of three games Sprinkle , Sprinkle Junior and Sprinkle island so let’s start

Sprinkle game bundle

This game is a puzzle game with a distinctive angry birds feel. In this game your a sprinkler and you have to exhaust fire by using it. Your water hose follow real life physics and ye all three games in this series is worth playing if your a fan of puzzle games then yes your definitely going to love this game. This game is made for all ages groups and yes will definitely test brains of everyone who plays it. With good graphics and water effects your surely going to be busy playing this game for hours to come. All three games are under 50 MB in size though gameplay and graphics looks simple for a game like this but yes it’s very interesting prices of games are $0.99 and $1.99 per game but if you buy the game bundle right now then you might get it on a discount price of $1.50 for all three games so yes buy it right now before it’s price goes up again. Game is developed and published by a group of indie developers named mediocre inc this studio is new but yes the games they made got immensely popular. Each game has 30 levels in it and will give you more than 3 hours of play time all together.

FAR Long Sail

Now let’s talk about this new game named FAR LONG SAILS this game was launched recently and cost about $7 on USA AppStore. Size of this game is 600 MB . In just 2 weeks after launch game got more than 100k downloads for a paid game like this number is too big. Game revolves in travelling the whole world with a vehicle. As you proceed in your journey you have to upgrade your vehicle change parts or repair part when something breaks or when you are needed to do upgrades . Game gives you hours of fun time. With its distinctive play style you should never play any other game this game gives you hours of fun.

Five Night At Freddy Help Wanted

FNAF Help wanted is the latest instalment in FNAF series’s this time this game is created by a new studio and cost about $4.99 almost double the price of the original games. Game got 6 different game modes and in this one game you can play all 6 fnaf with first person perspective. It tell you the entire story of fnaf in vr. This game is must play if you have a vr set and is also a fan of fnaf games .

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