Thinkrolls Bundle Review


So today we will be talking about thinkrolls game bundle. These are fun to play adventure puzzle games with simple graphics and art style. This game bundle compromise of two games thinkrolls 1 and thinkrolls 2 both games cost about $2.99 in USA AppStore and have size of almost 300 mb. Both games are available on iPhone and iPad on AppStore. As for android this game is not available on  google play store. Theme of this game revolves around character named rolls using those characters you have to solve interactive puzzles that also tells a story with it. This both games are pretty lengthy too and comes with tons of game mechanics and art style. Game is rated 4+ on AppStore and it’s mainly target younger audience. Game is rated very good on AppStore with 4 stars ratings out of 5 . All games versions have over 100k + active downloads . Game has total more than 32 characters you can play with and both games have more than 500 levels in total. Game is pretty fun to play and yes it’s challenging too. Well it will surely give its young audience a challenge that is worth trying to complete.  Game combines multiple elements like physics water gravity bulb logics , electricity moving logins rope logic water logics and so on. Game gives a type of challenging puzzle that is really fun to solve and it also comes with an interactive and interesting story to go with. Now let’s talk about each game individually namely thinkrolls 1 and thinkrolls 2and see what they have to offer us one by one let’s start:

Thinkrolls 1

So this was the first game in edutainment thinkrolls games series this game surely lacks a lot of features that other thinkrolls games has got but still it’s pretty challenging and fun to play that comes with lots of interesting game design puzzles and at top of all fluid animations and good characters. At the time of its release there were not many thinkrolls games available on AppStore so this game got immensely popular very fast. This game is the one that launched a series of new think rolls games that comes with even better visuals puzzles and physics.

Thinkrolls 2

Thinkrolls 2 is another puzzle game that is available on iOS and it’s pretty fun to play too. Game had over 100 hours of play time if you solve all puzzles and complete all challenges one by one. This game also has two age group selection option age group 3-5 year old in easy mode and option for hard mode designed for age group 6-9 year old audience. This is the game that got bursted on its first week release and got more downloads than thinkrolls 1. Overall I will give this game 4 out of 5 as AppStore rating as this game is year very good for young age group but yes don’t really give much replay value.

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