Bridge Construction Bundle Review


So today let’s talk about bridge construction bundle. This game series contains fours games that is available for both iPhone and iPad. These games includes Bridge Construction Stunts , Bridge Construction Medivial , Bridge Construction Playground and Bridge Constructor. All games are developed and published by head up studio. And cost around $2.99 which is pretty reasonable for games like these. Game sizes are around 60 to 100 mb which is very small compared to other games in same genera. So let’s see what this game bundle has to offer. Most of the games in this series are are platform puzzle game. But bridgen construction series provides us with weird physic logics and puzzles. Some elements on this game is taken directly from real life and it has real life vehicle and gravitational physics in place. The whole objective of this game is to make a very strong yet cost effective bridge that you can use to drive vehicles through without getting it destroyed or collapsed by weight of the vehicle. Game also comes with in app purchases and numerous expansions modules and DLC which you could unlock for free by grinding too much or maybe just buy it and get it without putting any efforts . In app purchases cost around $0.99 and can go upto $100 to unlock all expansions modules on all games.  All four games in this Bridge Construction bundle are rated very well on the AppStore and most of the review that you will find online will only praise this game as this game has lot of good and bad elements to it.

Now let’s talk about each games individually and see what they have to offer use to start with let’s talk about bridge construction first the first one in the series and the one which actually started this whole game series at the first place right now this game had got over 50 million downloads on AppStore games has two versions available free version with ads and in app purchase and paid version that cost 2.99 withoth ads but with in app purchases that you can bypass by grinding too much in this game. Next comes bridge construction medieval this is same as its original game but now it has lots of new stuff like medieval vehicles designed and themes you have to even make bridges with medieval building material and blocks.

And fourth and third games on this series are actually expansion modules and crossover to other games like portal and stunt simulator both are very fun to play and comes with extra humor and some other elements like plates weapons weird physics and mash up of both game franchise.

Overall these games were some of the most fun to play physic puzzle games that you. The puzzle platform that this game offer us is something that we have seen for the first time in any AppStore game title and most importantly this game can give you and your mind 60+ hours of playtime with just $2.99 of price tag or you might play for free too if you want by installing free version of this epic game.

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