Altos Bundle Review


today I have 2 games which are my favorite games and the game that I am gonna tell is called Alto   Adventure and Alto odyssey. both of these games are built in the same company and now I just want to talk some information about both of the games first.

Alto Adventure Game this game was built by Snowman and this game works both on IOS and Android. this game needs 130 MB size to install to our phone I think 130 MB size is not big but not small I think we can easy to install this game to our phone. and the ages of these games are over 9 years I think it so old but the graphic quality or everything in this game is really interesting for me I can say it really special for some people. and the language in this game has English, Korean. this game is not free to download this game cost 4.99$ I think this price is not a lot of expensive I can say I can buy it but I did share this game to many people to play it too. one more important thing for ios user is the user can only download in ios 9.0 or later. that means only your version in your phone on ios 9.0 or over 9.0 can get this game.

The next game is the Alto odyssey game this game is played the same as Alto Adventure but it just a little bit different. Alto odyssey this game cost 4.99$ and the size of this game 139 MB it the best size to install for us. this game is one of the most popular apps in AppStore and Playstore. exactly this game work for ios and android. and the age of this game is over 9 years and the developer of this game Name Snowman. I can feel the logo of this game is so interesting to me and for everyone also I guess and the last thing about the information of this game is on ios we can install it only our phone on ios 9.0 or later.

so now let compare some interesting point in both of the game I think the logo of Alto odyssey is more interesting than Alto Adventure because it looks a lot more fresh than and the color is better than. in a game of both I think Alto Adventure is a lot of special and the graphic quality is look very high. it exactly in the game Alto Adventure is a lot better than Alto odyssey. and I also got a question from my friend he asked which app will I choose to play and I why choose it? and the answer is I will choose Alto Adventure because it has something really special in the game and a lot better than Alto odyssey so that is why I chose it.

so finally I just want to recommend everybody here to play this game and If you bought it don’t forget to share.

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