Monument Valley Collection


Monument valley is another top tier puzzle game made by an indie developer studio named Ustwo studio. Here the main objective of this game is to lead princess Ada through various mazes and platforms while avoiding traps and prevent optical illusion from happening. Game art style is very unique and game looks beautiful and also play beautiful too. With a chill music and colourful art style game is well made and for price of only $1.99 per game. This game is definitely worth checking out. It’s art style and graphics is amazing and colour choice is vibrant game mixes both optical illusion with good gameplay and art. Size of monument valley is about 600 MB and game is really vibrant colour and has a distinctive feel to it. Monument valley is rated very high on AppStore with ratings of 4.8 out of 5 and 4 out of 5 in google play store. Game is surely fun to play and challenging puzzles and platforming it gives really something different and is something we have never seen before on any AppStore games. It had also been nominated Apple game of the year for 2 times in a row. Game had got more than 1 million downloads and has also caused release of monumental valley 2 sequel to first one which takes the story forward of princess Ada . Price of monument valley 2 on AppStore is also only $1.99 and this game is definitely one of the most polished sequels that you will ever see on the AppStore. Game got its distinctive art style and melodies music saved to it in its prequel and its prequel is definitely worth checking out too.

Now let’s see some of the main key features you will be getting when you buy this game. So suppose if you plan to buy complete game bundle which includes two games monumental valley 1 and monument valley 2 then you could get it for a discounted price of $3 only on USA AppStore. If you buy these games individually then they going to cost you $2 each. Game is definitely worth playing one after other in a row to understand full story. On going from monument valley 1 to monument valley you will surely see a lot of graphical changes and changes to story the character art style and you will be encountering puzzles with increasing complexity.

Overall I would say that yes if your a fan of puzzle games and wanted to try something new something refreshing and a total new idea then surely try monument valley games it’s worth checking and also price is reasonable for these games. When you play it you can see the time and efforts put in to come up with this new idea and make it a success.

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