Geometry Dash Review


today I will share my best game with all of you and the game called Geometry dash, this game is one of the most popular apps in Appstore and Playstore. it works for both Ios and Android and I know most of you will love and like to play this game and I also recommend all of you to install it and play. for some people can play this game like a pro and they record the video while playing and they upload to social media and earn so much money from the internet and also get easy to famous so now let talk some information of the game first the developer of this game name RobTop Games AB and this game has size 97 MB it not the big size but not small I think 97 MB is good for our phone to install. the game we can download it on ios and android but this game is not for free this game cost $1.99 I think it not expensive for us, we should try it and I know all of you will like it. for ios users, you can download or install it on ios8.0 or later I think most of you probably have a version over ios8.0 and the main language of this game is English and I also know most of you can understand English.

so now I will tell all of you about Game Features

_Rhythm-based action platform

_Many levels with unique melodies!

_Create and share your levels using the level editor!

_Unlock new icons and colors to change your character!

_Rocket flying, gravity flipping, and more!

_Use the practice to strengthen your skills!

_Game Center Achievements with Rewards!

_Challenge yourself with the impossible!

Amazing Boring – Kotoku Geometric symbols provide all the expected challenges of an impossible game while it makes new entrants more accessible.

– 148 programs Geometry Signs is a fast-paced app that will make you scream in frustration, but you will come back for more.

– App Advice Prepare for an impossible challenge in the world of geometry. Limit your skills as you jump, fly, and divert your way through bizarre dangers and obstacles. One-touch gameplay with multiple levels that will keep you entertained for hours!

Stream Geometry has been my favorite game for years since my friend introduced it to me, and over the years I have found some things you might want to know. First, when you play “Time Machine” and press and hold while the level starts to jump fast, you will see that you will jump to the top of the high wall. I do not know if this is intended or just to clarify. Second, the game says that the “unbearable” and “Jacker” levels are very different in difficulty. I downloaded the geometric symbols on the multipliers and I found that I tried a lot more to finish “impossible” than “jumper”. 5 stars.

finally, I just recommend all of you and hope you enjoy it.

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