Loon VPN review


So finally I am doing review of a Vpn app especially loon vpn. It was requested so much I don’t know why this vpn app is so popular among developers and normal consumers but let’s see what this Vpn app has to offer us. To start with this vpn app cost only $5 on USA AppStore and then you can use this app for lifetime for free without doing any addition purchase or anything like that. So yes price of only $5 that too one time payment is pretty reasonable for a vpn app as most of the vpn apps that are available on market right now cost more then $5 per month having recurring payment. Size of this loon vpn app is about 40 mb so it’s not very heavy app and yes it’s easy to use for everyone.

So now let’s see what this app has to offer to us. So to start with loon is a light weight proxy and vpn utility app it supports multiple protocols and security feature that are available on top tier vpn apps on the market like ss , ssr , vmess , Trojan protocol. HTTPS , HTTP , TCP , UDP and a lot more for professional and developers usage. This app also lets you insert your own custom proxy into the app using which you can make your connection extra secure and easy to use. This vpn app also comes with a built in adblocker that you can use to block ads based on domain names and so on. Though. I have to say this app is best used by developers only as this vpn app has a lot of extra features that people with google knowledge about vpn and how computer works are only going to understand it.

App on its latest version also supports JavaScript to extend proxy functionality. This app is developed by a veteran developer nanjing yesheng byte from network and technology. So yes app is pretty good and well reputed in saving your privacy and hiding your ip.

So let’s see how safe is this Loon vpn app for hiding your privacy and hiding your ip? Let’s run our own analysis and see how secure your connecting is when you use loon vpn app instead of any other vpn app that is on the market. To start with let’s see at ratings app is rated 5 starts on AppStore by majority of reviewers this means this app is really very popular and reliable for daily use. App really hides your ip well and in case you don’t trust proxy or vpn configuration that comes with the app to hide your privacy then you can add your own custom vpn proxy configuration that will be custom made by you and will provide you even better privacy online. Overall I will conclude that this is one of the best and cheapest vpn app that you can get on AppStore right now and yes it’s pretty good at hiding your privacy too. So yes please check it out if you are looking for a Vpn app on the AppStore.

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