Youtuber Life Bundle Review


So another game bundle this time. So today we are going to do review of youtuber life bundle. So what is youtuber life game bundle? YouTuber life games are actually simulator types games developed by raiser games and is available on steam PS4 Xbox one Nintendo switch Uplay android and on iOS. Though for this review we will be focusing on iOS version of the game. On iOS we have got a total 4 youtuber life games based upon different channel types you find in YouTube. These four game types are youtuber life gaming channel, youtuber life cooking channel , youtuber life music channel and finally youtuber life fashion channel. All four games cost 8.99 USD in USA AppStore but if you buy the entire bundle together then you will be getting all four games including DLCS for a discount price of $21.99 instead of $36 which is a really big discount price I have to say. And also all four games in this series is top rated. So let’s talk about each games individually and see what they have to offer us in terms of gameplay and visuals.

To start with let’s talk about first game in this series which started the whole franchise the game is youtuber life gaming channel released in 2012 on computer and later on iOS and mobile phones. This game is your untimate youtuber life simulator game if your interested in this genera here you have to manage your income your productivity your work have good sleep and good schedule. The game is overall rated 4.5 starts out of 5 on the AppStore and is definitely worth checking out but yes if your buying these kind of game then buy the entire bundle at once as this will not only save you some money but also will give you a full experience of what youtuber life bundle has to offer.

So let’s move forward and now let’s talk about youtuber life fashion channel now both of these games feels less polished than youtuber life gaming channel and also are smaller in size but yes they are still ok and good games. As the name suggests in fashion channel u got a fashion channel on YouTube and your objective is to grow it and in youtuber life music channel you own a music channel on YouTube and you have to grow it.

Final game in this series is youtuber life cooking channel and yes this game is ok too but none of the later releases were as good as the first game youtuber life gaming channel gaming channel was best among all four games and yes size of the game was also nearly 1 GB other game size is pretty small and they feel like cut down versions of youtuber life gaming channel that was just made to make quick money in youtuber life hype.

So conclusion I think all youtuber life games are great on their own ways but no game is like youtuber life gaming channel in this series and yes you should definitely play all four games to have true experience of this franchise.


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