Bloons TD 6 Review


Bloons TD 6 so let’s finally talk about this game. As the name suggests this is the sixth instalment in Bloons tower defence series. This game cost $6.99 on AppStore and is available for both iPhone and iPads. To my surprise I recalled that earlier versions of game Bloons TD Bloons TD 2 Bloons TD 3 Bloons TD 4 Bloons TD 5 all of them had A special version of game that was available exclusively on iPad. This version was named Bloons TD HD yes they also charged a premium price for it but it comes with extra added visuals new control layout and HD graphics and theme. But Bloons TD 6 now don’t has a iPad specific version available and once you buy Bloons TD on your iPhone you can play same game on your iPad too. I would. Say having an iPad specific version was cool but I will not complain about it now. Bloons TD games has gone a long way since it was first released. It’s a very successful series and has many crossovers with different games like portal AVGN etc. the latest instalment of Bloons game has very impressive visuals and Dynamic lighting on the in game world. This feature was first time used in any bloon games and it works like a charm.

So let’s see what Bloons TD games have to offer us and why you should play paid version of game instead of trying free to play version that is available on AppStore. To start with free to play version of this game is also good and will give new players who are into tower defence games a nice show of what you can expect from Bloons series. But yes it’s filled with in app purchases and way too much grinding to unlock new weapons towers money and. To earn extra lives and continue. Though still it’s good and not that bad. Yes it’s free to play and anyone who finds tower defence games interesting or is trying to get into this types of game can easily download with convinces and play it. As far the paid version of games goes they have removed this grinding from paid version and it’s much easier to equip better equipment fast without much grinding and still game is fun to play and enjoy with your friends and family in multiplayer mode that is only available on paid version of this game.

I will be concluding this review by saying that Bloons TD games are so far one of the best tower defence games that you could find on AppStore it has excellent and colourful graphics good sounds is child friendly and yes very fun to play. You can spend hours playing this game and still it’s gonna be a fresh thing .

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