STARDEW Valley Review


so today we will talk about the Straw Valley game which is my favorite game I really like this game because it helps me a lot. cause it kind of educational game like show us how to farm. this game is one of the most popular games and I love the play game kind of that.

so now let talk about something or some information in this game

_you Turn your farmland into a vibrant and prosperous farm

_ Raise and breed fun animals, grow seasonal crops and design your farm

ize Customize your farmer and home! With hundreds of options to choose from

_ Become part of the community by participating in seasonal festivals and villagers’ quests

_ Discover huge mysterious caves, encounter dangerous monsters and treasures

Afternoon Spend the afternoon relaxing at a local fishing spot or go crab fishing near the beach.

_ Feed, grow crops, and produce handicrafts to cook delicious food

Re-created for touch screen gaming on iOS with special features like the automatic selection to toggle between your farm tools and automatic attacks to hit cute monsters in the mines.

farming Continue farming from where you last left, saving automatically (even if you close the program!)

_ Play your game with a variety of controls, such as touch screen and virtual joystick

Content Updated single-player content – Includes new city updates, dating events, farms, fishing ponds, hats, clothes, and new pets! Plus will be found

I love this game, the little changes needed for the best experience. I love this game, I play it with my friends, I change the hours after they go to bed and even when they wake up. When I was watching it was mobile, I was robbed, I immediately ordered and when it came out I was downloading. I started playing and noticed a difference in control when I started playing, there were three things I would change. Without having to change tools, it stays in the right place, it’s a great mechanic until you try to water your crop and you use your pan and destroy it. The smaller screen where there is a smaller screen on the right? As you like to see more specifically with large courtyards such as forests, a large area you can see is preferred if there is an option to scale this in any way that would be perfect. Some things take a lot of time compared to the switch, at least. One of the things I love about switches is the ability to just throw things in the safe. When I noticed that this capability was removed, I was frustrated in part because of the internal jokes, but mostly because it saves time running and throwing things easier than having to open the menu. And choose from there. However, those are just three small things that I would be happy if changed, but these things will not stop me from playing this game forever. It’s a fun and wonderful game that catches your attention, it’s really great.

so finally I just want to recommend everybody here to play my favorite game and if you bought it don’t forget to share it with your friend or family.

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