Call of duty Black Ops Zombies Review


Zombies mode debut in “Call of Duty World at War” and it instantly became a fan favourite.

It has since appeared in every Call of Duty game developed by Treyarch. It has also made its

way into Call of Duty games developed by Infinity Ward (Call of Duty Advance Warfare and

Call of Duty infinity warfare) and Sledgehammer Games (Call of Duty WW2). Zombies mode has

also been ported to portable devices such as the Nintendo Ds and Mobile Phones.

The main objective of Call of Duty Zombies is to have players survive countless waves of

zombies either as a group of up to four or solo. As the waves gets higher the zombies gets

harder and more zombies spawn. Players will be rewarded points for killing zombies and

repairing barriers which they can use to purchase weapons, unlock other areas, pack-a-punch

their weapon(s) purchase perks, buying traps and trying their luck with the mystery box.

Apart from just surviving players can also attempt challenges (Easter eggs). Players can do

the story for zombie mode that are only present in the newer Call of Duty games from Advance

Warfare onward.

Zombies mode is fun because players can challenge themselves to see how long they can

survive, die and try harder next time. It’s very fun to play with family and friends,

or other people online. There are multiple maps and each map has its own unique feel and

leaves a different experience on the player. It is also fun to try the mystery box over and

over to get the best gun which is usually the ray gun then see if they can survive long enough

to pack-a-punch their gun.

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