SpongeBob SquarePants Battle of bikini bottoms review


Sponge Bob square pants battle of bikini bottom so let’s talk about this game. This is an excellent open world adventure game created in sponge Bob universe. You might be surprised to know that this game was actually released on PS4 and Xbox one and now finally it has been ported to iOS devices too. This game cost around $9 on USA AppStore on iPhone and iPad. Game also supports controller support and it is pretty fun to play and enjoy. Game is basically main targeted towards kids but yes adults can also play to bring back that old nostalgia and ye it’s fun main part is that it’s fun and is superb. Game is set to third person perspective with lots of first person and platform based level added. This game don’t really has a symmetrical play style or walkthrough patter but it is definitely worth playing.

Size of game is about 2 GB and for just $9 you will get a fully fledged console port of a triple A title on your iPhone and iPad. This game especially looks very good on new iPhone and iPad Pro and run at a perfect 60 Frames per seconds. On iPad Pro models your csn even tweak game settings to make it run on native 1080 P at 120 FPS. Game is only available to play offline and don’t comes with an online multiplayer but yes it’s story and campaign missions is great with lots of humour jokes and fun taken from sponge Bob series.

Game is developed by handy games and they are also the developers and Studio behind some star war games. Game is loosely based upon an episode from sponge Bob cartoon where you have to fight to save bikini bottoms from and eel with help of Patrick mister crabs and squibwards your ready to fight everyone who comes in your way to save your town and become a hero. While playing through game you collect jelly fishes and some other things that you can later exchange with rewards.

Game has a total 12 hours of story mode with lots of mini games and challenges that you can either complete while playing main story or can complete after completing main story. We can also say that game has a lots of side quests and is really a true grand theft auto styles sponge Bob game.

Overall I will definitely recommend to try this game if your a sponge Bob fan. This game is really fun and also gives you more then 12 hour of play time only for $9. Game is set to an open world and it just gets better when you see that it’s the exact same game with no compromises done that you get on console. On console game cost $20 so if you buy game on mobile your basically saving $10. Yes I will say that console comes with online multiplayer which is actually missing on its iOS port but we hope handy games add that part of the game for free on its iOS port soon .



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