Top 5 must play simulation games


_Construction Simulator 2014

Play Construction Simulator 2014, you can control 14 construction machines that look exactly like the original in high-quality 3D graphics. Dig the foundation of a family home with a real machine, run a high-rise concrete pump like a house, throw concrete into the wall form of an industrial hall, or place a giant roof mat using a portable crane and show that you can save. Durable Hands – More than 300 tasks promise to be fun to play for over 20 hours.

_TruckSimulation 16

In 16 Cadastral Trucks, you will actually control one by one of the 9 real trucks. Start with an older cartoonist and get your first coin in various supply contracts on a major road network in Western and Central Europe. Use the money you earn to buy good trucks like 5 MAN tractors, reproduced honestly! A wide range of missions, from standard orders to dangerous shipments, offer a wide range. Choose the right shorts for one of eight different types of goods – transport bulky goods using wood or groceries with stuck furniture. The road network covers most of Central and Western Europe and has more than 20 cities with obvious landmarks, providing unlimited driving pleasure along familiar roads.

_Take Off – The Flight Simulator

Fly over 20 planes in the open world or try out more than 40 exciting and varied missions – from flying to amazing rescue operations! Fly the most popular aircraft models such as jumbo jets, seaplanes, and military aircraft with a truly 3D cockpit. Experience the weather and try to land your plane safely with an engine failure!

_Truck Simulation 19

Freight forwarding with original trucks by Ken Wen and brands in a large open world across the United States. Hire a driver, buy a new truck and expand your business to become the most successful truck driver in the country.

Original truck by Ken Wen & Mark

World map of the United States with over 45 cities to visit

The cockpit functions with lights, air horns, deck control, and more.

Hire a driver, buy a truck, manage your parking lot and expand your business

Freight and tuk-tuks such as agricultural machinery, aircraft excavators, and more

Earn extra points in directing missions –

Rest at your gas station, your car will be fined for speeding

_Shadow Fight 2

Epic battles in the Underworld are waiting! Unite with friends and fight! The most popular episode on Facebook hits 40 million users! From the creators of Vector: Shadow Battle II is a mix of RPG biting nails and classic combat. This game allows you to equip your character with countless deadly weapons and rare armor sets and have dozens of animated martial arts techniques! Destroy your enemies, shame the ghosts, bosses, enemies and become the one who closes the door of the shadows. Do you have what it takes to kick, jump and jump your way to victory?

– Fall into the epic battle series that is presented in detail about the amazing life by all-new animation systems.



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