Top 5 racing games of 2021


Pocket Rally

Pocket Rally is an attempt to combine horse racing games, old school gatherings, and the experience of smart devices. Blurred graphics, realism, and the fun of driving a car physics are all in the palm of your hand. Join the race anytime, anywhere with you!


* Highly detailed and precise car models that are well-designed, beautiful, and attractive racing, located in many spectacular landscapes, including mountains, beaches, and ancient temples in the city.

* Car physics that has been carefully tuned to be realistic and enjoyable. Various surface properties include grass, gravel, gravel, and grass. Each car has an unusual driving character and will evolve by winning the race.

* 3 control modes and 3 camera angles (in the toggle game) to choose from.

* Adjustable AI rivals. Up to 4 cars can race simultaneously in the game.

* 2 main game modes: tournament mode and single race mode. Cars and planes can be unlocked by winning the race and selected as a single race mode.

*Instructions on how to replay. Perform the perfect power drift, do a hair turn, and want to show off to your friends? Too occupied in the game can not appreciate the self-driving technique and want to see it later? Replay Mode is the answer for you! A replay camera is created for each track, capturing the entire event from the best angle and replaying it for you.

Offroad Legends and Offroad Legends 2

Drive the greatest vehicle of all time on the high mountains! Hit the barrier and fly in unparalleled space with a 4×4 monster truck and 6 riders!

Use your best skills to beat the most beautiful blows and become the greatest legend!

This is your chance to get the thrill of driving a monster truck in the desert and a 4×4 truck on a spectacular flashlight.

Experience cutting-edge graphics, splitting physics, and a thrilling thriller in Offroad Legends 2!

* Presented by Apple, new and remarkable

* This is our favorite physics racer of all time. –

* Hard gameplay, graphics are pretty and interesting! –

* Another gem by Dogbyte Games –

* Program of the Day –

* Off-road legends bring a lot of fun

Main features:

4 types of vehicles (4×4 monster, monster-driver, guardian, fun car)

– 3 game modes

– Beautiful graphics

90 difficult songs

– Real vehicle deformation

– Precise physics experiments

– Car modification

– Retina screen support for iPad and iPhone!

GameCenter achievements and rankings!

Bike Race Pro

Multiplayer! Compete with your Facebook friends.

Tilt your gear to position your wheels and touch the screen to accelerate / brake.


– Single and multiple modes

– Find stars to unlock new levels

– Dozen Addicted World

Hundreds of difficult songs

– Simple management

Street Kart Racing – Simulator

One-inch racing at speeds over 80 mph in the program. 3rd and 3rd prize. Top 1 highest paid racing game in 96 countries! (App Annie). Download now.

“You will never see another game like it. The competition … it’s not just a game.”

Marijn Kremers, FIA-CIK World and European Kart Championship (KZ)

Micah Fresh. Review at the app store.

Similar heaters Similar engines. Be close, quick, and competitive.

This is a street bike race.



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