Plug Apps For Minecraft Bundle Review


Plug Adblocker
Plug Adblocker is an app that is used to remove Ads from almost any app it’s price is a reasonable 2$ and remove all of your ads. It has a special AI which de texts ads gets rid of it overall a amazing app. It can be used to get rid of any ad from any app. It has no configuration required. If there ever is a bug they check the app for your reports every day. It helps increase our battery life because no resources are wasted watching the Ad. It massively speeds up browsing by sending us DNS reports from the first DNS server itself which includes google,comodo,level 3 and multiple other large search engines. It also decreases the data usage because not only does stop ad it stops the ad from even loading on the screen and there is no need to install plugins from any other place for it to work. For the rating I would give a solid 8/10 it’s pretty useful app especially when there are annoying ads.

Plug Pocketmine for Minecraft
This app is an app the works very well for any version of Minecraft that is already released by Jan,2021. It can be used to make worlds with added items. Meaning u can join in either a random seed or a seed of your choice and can change the setting of the world it self like player speed and weather cycle time for ex:- “u can set the time rain to 3 sec” so then whenever the rain starts it will end after 3 sec and you can set what ever enchantments you want to any object for ex:-“dead bush enchanted with fire protection and sharpness both 32796”. It can also give you fully maxed netherite armor from the moment you start the world. You can also host non-laggy severs for free they run 24hrs. You can also add add one to your worlds.
Overall an underrated app but can only be used in world made from the app. For the rating I would rate it 6/10

Plug for Minecraft
This app can be used for Minecraft and version up to the update 16.201 it can be used in servers and multiplayer worlds can be used as a toolbox and can give abilities like X-ray,flying,etc. You can host servers in this app aswell these servers run 24hrs and have close to no lag at all. Also you can ban certain items on your server to make sure there is no griefing. The app also gives you commands that can only be used in your servers like invis,kick and ban easily. Kinda like a hacked client for mcpe but word of warning don’t use this app unless allowed by the server host and admins or else you may risk getting banned. The app is 9/10 in my opinion
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