Top 4 Games for kids in 2021


We ARGH Pirates

O hearts! Boat with Captain Robert and his crew for an exciting adventure on the high seas. Solve puzzles, pirates, sea monsters, fight and dig for buried treasures. Ah!

Everyone who owns the land will be a brave thief on the most secret and dangerous game island. There are volcanic eruptions, islanders to visit and giant monsters to patrol the sea. Please share the wood with me!


Yer Brain will be needed to solve the puzzle, find the buried chest and help you get through the pit cave. And your thumb will be tested to explore a rock using a cannon on an unregulated bridge and seize barrels and barrels to push monsters.

So get yer sea feet on. It’s time to join Captain Sea Dogs Bryros, Claire “Long Hair”, Dig Expert Robleshell ‘Dabble’ and Jenny Granny for the funniest coming pirate adventure you’ve ever played.


Do sports, eat healthily, and fit! Can a dog be a big obstacle? Should you make a smoothie or pizza? Discover in an incomparable and fun exercise game for kids.

Choose one of 6 funny characters, dress him up with trendy sportswear, and go train! Find out if a gorilla can squat and a cat can snowboard like support.

There are 20 different sports to choose from, whether in the gym or in the fresh air. You need skill, accuracy, and good timing to train your athletes.

Then it’s time to eat. But what? Well, it depends on you. In a well-stocked kitchen, you can mix breadcrumbs, chocolate bars, put an apple in the microwave … or cook something completely ordinary! There are all kinds of things that can give your athlete strength from fruits and vegetables to cheeses and cakes … Yum! What will you provide your athletes with to keep them in shape and healthy?

Are you a vegetable?


Screen Screen:

Choose from 6 funny characters – humans and animals

Dress him in trendy sportswear

Change the skin color of human-like characters

Sports & Screen Scan

Rush Rally 3

Gather 3 Rush is the most realistic gathering experience on your mobile phone.

Quality Consulting

60fps racing at night or during the day in the rain or snow! More than 72 new and unique stages, each with a different surface type, including snow, gravel, tamarind, and dirt! Racing with one of the best car dynamics models available, including distortion and vehicle time damage, created with over 15 years of experience.

Global competition!

Embrace new career modes, A-B single-stage racing, or grind iron to steel with other cars in transit trucks.

Boost 2

This is my favorite iOS game. Simple but very difficult. Do not get bored and still you still try and try. Every time you put your high score is a reason to be motivated. The addictive gameplay is the best. IOS game has arrived, but this one endures. I have been playing it since the iPhone 1. Fun even on a small 3.5-inch screen.

The boost was unveiled as one of Apple’s best games of 2009 and even featured on the iPod Touch.

“Lanis has designed a beautiful tunnel that makes the previous incumbent” runner-up cube look raw by comparison “- Thumb Spree

“Hard Tunnel Game Addiction” –


  1. Awesome review as always. Can you review SimpleRockets 2, please? Saw that game on App Store just now and it interested me. I just want to make sure the game is worth the money.


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