Doom Series Reivew



DOOM 1 does not need guidance because it is the most powerful FPS ever made by humans to date. With the upcoming 25th anniversary of the game coming up, Bethesda and iD have given Nerve the repair of DOOM 1 and 2 for sale on entertainment and mobile devices. How lucky when these ports are not good. They can solve the problem with slow music, but there is no reason why the game runs at 35 FPS without the option to change it. Hell, the mobile ports you could get before they replaced this place worked perfectly at 60 rpm without drops, so I do not know if they handle the screwdriver with the unit at all. Em also feels scary because of how your purpose drifts whenever you swipe instead of just stopping. Thankfully, it can be avoided by launching the controller, but then you run into two more issues: the controls that can not be changed and, more importantly, you can not get on the bike when using the controller. You can only make weapons by hand. Why ?! Let me pick up a piece of iron and use the analog stick to get the weapon instead of the millennium to do everything I have for the weapon I want.

Hopefully, this port will reach an acceptable point, but for now, you should steal your phone and put it on yourself


Control is Awful

I love DOOM 2, and when I saw it finally get the update for the latest operating system, I was so excited to finally play it on my iPhone again. The installation is good and the game looks really great (although I hope it can capture more screenshots during the game) but there is a great problem that removes all the benefits and makes the download impossible Fits it.


The controls make the game almost unplayable, especially in the way Dodo is played: quick movements and dizzying action. With poor handling optimized for this release, it makes sustainability difficult for any rifle, and the movement is extremely difficult because the target touch control is slow and unresponsive compared to the mode. That it should be. Walking/running is good and it is the purpose that makes the game unplayable in the fastest way. The old control style is great. Bring it back and everything will be fine in the mobile Doom world because this update is like a little insult. I mean, I paid $ 7 to $ 8 for this match, but my memory is so bad and after waiting so many years for it to match again, I expect it will not work. Clearly control in the play. I would say it will get updated. Consider fixing the check.

On the other hand, this game is really amazing since it came out, so no surprise, you might want the arrow keys and the HP button instead of the tricky controls they slammed into.


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