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Email Marketing: Next Level Guide to Drive Traffic to Blog

This is a complete guide to Email Marketing. In this new guide you’ll learn:

  • How To Build Email List (3 Methods)?
  • 5 Specific Email Types
  • How to Improve CTR & Open Rate
  • Best Email Marketing Service For Beginners

Let’s get started.

Why Email Marketing Is Important

Email marketing is more than a Buzzword. Did you know that email marketing is the best and most significant way to get more traffic to your latest piece of content?

According to studies and research, Email marketing is way more effective than other marketing channels.

Social Media Marketing Vs. Email Marketing

And the fun fact is that Email marketing is 22% more effective than social media marketing. Insane Right!

To do it, you probably need the best out of the useless Email list. I’ll show you below the 3 Actionable Methods to build an email list that will probably shoot your traffic through the roof. And also breakdown them in steps.

Bottom line:- Must do email marketing because it is way more effective than the rest of the other marketing strategies.

How To Build Email List?

Well, I would like to inform you that thinking of using Amail list is way easier than building it. Building an Email list is the most precious work in digital marketing.

But here I’m going to breakdown all that complicated methods. I’m going to teach you about how to build an email list without doing much hard work directly.

Let’s face it.

Method 1: DSERP Method

This method will probably blow your mind if you master this method so you can build a super conversable email list within a 1 hour.

So, here’s how.

Digging the SERP Method

Step 1:- Open Google.com and click on the settings on the right bottom. And select show 100 results per page. And save settings.

Step 2:- Install email extractor chrome plugin then search the search query as given below.

site:facebook.com “your keyword,” “@gmail.com,” “Location.”
Google search setting

In this generated search query, You can add any domain name in site:”____” and so on. This method is useful for mass email marketing.

But to build an Email list for the well-targeted audience, you have to need to follow two other ways given below.

Here is the example,

SERP with emails
A straightforward way to make live Email list with SERP without paying Click To Tweet

Method 2: How To Make The Specific Email List?

Making an email list of the well-targeted categorized audience is a little bit more difficult. but here is the deal.


Step 1:- Head over to recruitin.net and then enter all the things about your email list you wanted to build.

For example, If you’re going to make an email list to promote SEO related posts, so you have to fill this type of detail inside this website.

extract emails from recruitin.net

Step 2:- It will generate a specific search query, and auto-search that in Google, and that’s all. The extension will extract all the emails.

Note:- And don’t forget to add @gmail.com or @hotmail.com at the end of the query.

For building a more pinpoint audience Email lists, you have to go along with another precious method which well for specific Email list building.

Method 3: How To Build An Email List Of The Specific Audience

What about content locker? If you want to make an email list of peoples who are interested in product X so you can add any exclusive catalogue or checklist of that product in your website and add content locker on that.

How to build a specific audience Email list

So meanwhile, if someone is interested in that particular product, definitely he/she will fill email in that opt-in form to unlock that content.

1) Download PDF Button

Yes, it sounds like heard before. When you post something that contains your too much hard work, so you should have to use the content locker lead generation method.

That leads to sign up opt-in form who interested in that.

2) Exit Intent pop-up

In this lead generation method, you have to display the opt-in form when the visitor tries to close the tab.

This method is little bit hurt UX, so I don’t like it, but Neil Patel said that the exit Intent popup grew up his email list way faster than other opt-in forms.

3) Contest + Opt-in

Hosting contest, for the lead generation, this one is the extremely effective email marketing strategy. If your income is enough from your website so host contest or giveaway on your website.

You should have to use registration methods so that you can able to add all the emails of the candidates in your email list.

This way generated email list will pay off the cost of giveaway.

4) Quizzes + Opt-in:-

This is the world’s best and incredibly effective email marketing strategy to build a super email list.​​​​

In this method, you have to add quiz on your posts, and at the end of the quiz, you can easily convert your quiz player into an email subscriber.

This simple tactic can grow up your email list much faster than you ever think.

Take Advantage Of Other Platforms To Grow Your Email List

Just post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even you should have to make a youtube video on the contest you are going to arrange if you have a robust youtube channel.

how to get more Pinterest followers

So that people come from all your social media profiles (circular marketing). And finally, the number of participants will continue to grow, and you will be able to create a massive email list within a few days.

Let’s head over to another precious and significant factor in email marketing.

Types Of Email In Email Marketing

Here I’ve broken down the list of email types in email marketing. According to all perspective, there are 5 types of emails that you should have to use step by step.

Whatever marketing you are doing, there is no one-step result. You have to keep going further step by step; otherwise, that will lead to burn your pocket.

  • Pre-Approach Email (Before Publishing post)
  • Approach Email / Newsletter Email (After Publishing post)
  • Post-Approach Email (Re-Target)
  • Post update Email
  • Magnet CTR Email

Pre-Approach, Approach, and Post-Approach email types are the types of emails that you should have to use one by one. If you do so, it will bring much traffic to your every post.

5 best competition-crushing email types of email marketing. Click To Tweet

1) Pre-Approach Email

Targeting audience and let them know about you are going to publish a new post or guide.

Pre-Approach Email (Before Publishing post)

But make sure that the email you’ve sent is capable enough to create FOMO.

Here is the best example of Pre-Approach Email,

Pre-Approach Email

After someone reply to your email so send this email when you publish that post.

Pre-Approach Email

2) Approach Email

Send an email newsletter to the audience who replied to your Pre-Approach Email or who has no idea about your website.

Approach Email / Newsletter Email (After Publishing post)

Now you must have to use Approach Email / Newsletter Email because this is the most potent email type in email marketing to bring traffic to your blog.

According to the marketers and studies of too many insights, the majority of traffic comes from the newsletters, which means post-publish email.

Email Types Effectiveness Comparison

In the sense of meaning when you publish any new post so let your email subscribers know about that.

Here is the best example of Approach Email / Newsletter Email,

Best Newsletter Email example

3) Post-Approach Email

This Email all should have to use because this is the most crucial email type in digital marketing because it will help you to engage with all your email subscribers. And it will increase the traffic also.

Post-Approach Email (Re-Target)

In the sense of meaning, when you send the newsletter email, 50% of people rarely open that email and click the link. This is the worst thing due to the competition.

If you use some premium email marketing tools, so you have a feature of checking out who opened the email or who hasn’t. Just send back the email to those who haven’t opened that email.

4) Post update Email

Well, this is a mind-numbing email type to make your old content alive. You can also call it a method of reviving the post because it’s insane.

Post update Email

When you update your old post, go to the comment section and copy all the emails of commenters of that post and build a temporary email list.

It takes a little bit of your time. But it will pay off, yes it’s only 7% part of the chart I’ve shown above, but it’s enough to let the old post revive

Here is the best example of Post update Email,

Post update Email

5) Magnet CTR Email

It works as magnet that attracts tons of emails. But how?

Well, if you host any contest or any giveaway on your website so email to all of your email subscribers.

Magnet CTR Email

My friend gained 1200+ emails in 3 days by this email type. 

Look at the email example below,

Magnet CTR Email

In the place of marketing, there is such a no proven method to drive 100% traffic through emails.

You should have to use all those 5 types of emails one by one.

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Bottom line:- I’ve shown the 5 types of email, which all are useless unless you use them in sequence.

How To Improve The Open Rate And CTR Of Emails?

This factor is the most vital because no matter how impressive and meaningful email you write, but unless you optimize that for the max open rate or CTR, that makes no sense.

How to improve Open rate and CTR of Emails

To optimize your emails, you should have to focus on some points to get the highest CTR and open rate.

Note:- The types of emails I’ve shown above have a remarkable value in the place of marketing. So don’t take them as a piece of cake.

  1. Which Email to use? Plain or visual? (Perfect Email format according to niche)
  2. Send Email to the exact person
  3. Send personalized Email
  4. Use a catchy subject line

1) Which Email to use? Plain or visual? (Perfect Email format according to niche)

This question is slightly controversial because, in place of marketing, many marketers say plain text emails perform well, and some marketer also says that visual emails are more effective

But I subscribed to the email list of top marketers, and I found the common thing.

That was all that 14 marketers using plain text emails.

Why? Here is the insight data,

Visual-based Vs. Text-based Plain Email Open Rate

You should have to use plain text emails to promote your blog. But in some cases, if you have a graphic company so you should have to go with visual emails.

Because in that case, visual emails perform well.

2) Send Email to the exact person

No matter what you write and how valuable and worthy content you write, your email marketing strategy won’t work if you randomly send email to anyone.

SuperUser targeting

In the sense of meaning, if you are interested in SEO and you got an email of the best dance school, so will you click on the link? no.

So the thing is to send an email to the right person, you can also use the email extraction strategy as I have shown above.

3) Send personalized Email

Well, on youtube in many videos on email marketing you can only found a bunch of baloney in them.

Everyone just screaming use free email marketing templates to make a gigantic email list. But I know that all templates won’t work, so which template you should have to use?

Who knows? But I recommend you don’t waste time finding email templates instead of making your own email template.

Yes, you can learn from the email templates about how to write them but don’t copy them.

4) Use a catchy subject line

Well, everyone and their moms know about it, so what different things you should have to do.

You should have to use short subject lines that accurately describe your post.

In the sense of meaning, use keywords directly, I’ve researched on email subject lines, and I found this,

Emails Open Rate and CTR Vs. Length of Subject Line

So, according to the data shown above, it makes sense that you have to use the shortest subject line to get a higher open rate and CTR.

How to tremendously increase Open rate and CTR of Emails in Email Marketing. Click To Tweet

As I talked about Opt-in form earlier in this article, let’s know what you have to keep in mind about opt-in form?

Here we go,

​The Science Behind Opt-in Form ( Human Psychology)

​Making the opt-in form is not rocket science, but using it in the right place is a little bit difficult.

The science behind Opt-in form ( Human Psychology)

I’ve seen many newbies who focus on how many opt-in they can fit into their website, but the real game is only focusing on getting more conversions and clicks.

Like you can commit that “To get more articles like this straight away in your inbox so just sign-up the form below.”

Well, you’ll say what’s new in it everyone knows about it, it’s literally subject of human psychology.

It doesn’t make sense if you go and bombard peoples with a lot of opt-in forms. Just only add one, which is not annoying to visitors.

The Science behind the opt-in forms to get more conversion. Click To Tweet

​Pay attention to CTA Buttons

When I’ve visited some websites to learn about where to use opt-in forms, so I saw that many sites using hilarious CTA buttons.

Look at the image below, and decide which is more likely you to click on?

Is it makes any sense? The right one, no one ever clicks on the left CTA button, or maybe no one will even try to read the commitments shown in the opt-in form.

​Learn From Other Websites

​​Well, it sounds like a bunch of baloney, but it could be your best decision ever. If you are a newbie or even if you are intermediate, go around the digital marketing agency’s website and learn which type of opt-ins they are currently using.

Nowadays, “on page load” opt-in forms bringing more conversion than delayed opt-ins. But it doesn’t mean that that will also work on your website.

In the sense of meaning, your website is new, so don’t use on page load opt-ins because they will bring no conversion if your site not have a too many visitors.

Enable social shares in the Email

It sounds like a silly topic, but when my friend added social share buttons in his emails of email campaigns, he saw that 2% of social traffic was coming from those emails. Amazing

​And it is also a chance to get more social signals so why to miss this opportunity.

Best Time For Sending Email In Email Marketing

Well, the time of sending an email is more critical than sending an email. Yes, the timing and the word is the most and only factor of successful digital marketing.

When to send an email is the more critical, especially for the well-targeted group of audience.

​According to the CoSchedual, the Best time for sending emails is 6 Am, 10 Am, 2 Pm & 8 to 12 Pm. But probably that could be different for you (Depends on the content category).

Bottom line:- The best time to send emails is 10 Am, 8 Pm, 2 Pm, and 9 Pm.

Best And Free Email Marketing Services

If you are a beginner, so you probably can’t afford costly email marketing tools. So I’ve just researched and handpicked best but free and useful email marketing tools just for beginners.

so let’s head over to the tools list. I’ve narrow down all of them according to their limits in some things.

CompanySubscriber LimitEmails Per DayEmails Per Month

When I was a beginner, i was using Mailchimp because of its vast features, performance, and super understandable user interface.

This 3 FREE Mass email marketing services are the best for beginners. Click To Tweet


#1 Free Email marketing services

This email marketing service is also leading in this field.

Well, in its free plan, there is no such limit for contacts means you can use its API to build an unlimited number of contacts through opt-in forms, which is insane in itself.

And in OmniSend email marketing service, you can send 2,000 emails per day and up to 15,000 emails per month, yes 15,000 emails, which is enough for a new website.

And you can also create A/B test campaigns, so what you need more? It has to be number one due to its services and its an ignorable limitation as a free service.


#2 Free Email marketing services

I love Mailchimp because it’s features are insane. Especially the opt-in form features, you can do anything I mean, you can edit all the auto-email format as you want.

Let you know some limits of this tool.

Its free plan allows you to create a 2000 contact list with their API. And in Mailchimp email marketing service you can send 10,000 emails per month and 2,000 emails per day, which is a significant number for the newbie.

And It provides list management feature, too.


#3 Free Email marketing services

Well, it’s features are mind-numbing as a free email marketing service provider.

Because it has a super cool drag and drop email (Visual and Plain Both) maker, and you can also integrate it with platforms like Shopify, Intercom, etc.

As usual, you can perform A/B testing with it, but also perform Heat mapping. If you own a tutorial or recipe website, it’s another free feature that will blow your mind, which is a live chat with the real-time user.

In Sendinblue email marketing service, you can build an unlimited size of the email list with its API and send up to 9,000 emails per month and only 300 emails per day.

Well, these are the best free email marketing tools, which one is you are using? let me know in the comments.

Bottom line:- Use Mailchimp if you are a newbie because I’ve used it before, and its free service is incredible as a free plan.

A/B Test OF Emails

A/B test, I’m sure that it sounds like a bunch of baloney to the newbie and even intermediates. In the place of marketing, no matter whether it is digital or non-digital marketing, the A/B test is essential to do.

AB test or Analysis of Emails

If your email list is vast so you should have to keep testing the effectiveness of the emails. You should have to narrow down the effectiveness of email formates according to their open rate and CTR.

Just let know about which types of emails or which type of email formate works well and give the highest conversion.

Bottom line:- Don’t take email marketing lightly. Pay attention to the types of emails (When and where to use). And use a little bit of time in A/B testing because that will pay off.


I’m sure that you’ve learned something from my this Guide. I wanna ask something you.

Which of the following method will you try? And what you learned new from this article? Let me know in the comments now.

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