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GPL Membership: Everything You Need To Know

What is GPL?

GPL stands for General Public License. Under this license, we can able to legally redistribute a particular item that we bought under a GPL license.

All about GPL

What is GPL Membership?

Many websites on the internet are providing a GPL version of many digital products. You can free get any WordPress plugin, theme, and even some other digital GPL license stuff together.

Can I have to use any GPL products?

Well if you have any WordPress website and you don’t have enough money to purchase plugins and themes so you probably want free but paid stuff like themes and plugins.

But I personally recommend you don’t use GPL plugins and themes, yes if you’ve bought any digital product under GPL so you can use but don’t use any digital GPL stuff which is given by someone else.

Nowadays hackers are very intelligent. and every day 90,000+ WordPress website got hacked. So it makes sense that you secure Your WordPress website.

They take membership of any GPL store and then they add malware and viruses in any particular digital stuff and redistribute that by the convincing victim that digital product is FREE.

Nothing is FREE so if someone giving you any paid WordPress plugin or digital stuff for free by claiming that, that product is under GPL so you should have to scan that particular product on Virustotal.com

Don’t use that product without a virus scan. now let’s take a look at the pros and cons of GPL digital products.

Now let’s take look at the pros and cons of Digital GPL stuff

Pros of GPL Digital stuff

You only have to buy that digital product once after that you can use that on multiple places.

Even you can distribute that GPL product on your own website legally.

Some products are allowed to re-sell after you bought them under GPL condition.

You can modify that digital product without taking permission of the manufacturer.

In the sense of meaning, you literally have all rights.

Cons of GPL Digital stuff

It can hard your device if that contains any malicious codes.
In some GPL digital stuff, you can’t update that product.

Which are the best websites to buy GPL digital products?

List of top 10 Best GPL Stores

  1. GPL Life
  2. Andy Sozot
  3. WP Spring
  4. GPL Guru
  5. GPL Plugins
  6. WP Null
  7. Ultimate Woo
  8. GPL VaultGPL VaultGPL VaultGPL Vault
  9. Owlego
  10. GPL Chimp

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