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13 Reasons For Why Email Marketing Is Important In Internet Marketing

This is a complete article of importance of Email Marketing.

In this article you’ll learn:

  • 12 Importance of It.
  • Demographic Stats.
  • ROI Stats.
  • Email Marketing Facts & Why It’s Better.

Let’s get started.

#1 Target Numberless Audience

In 2020 according to Statista, over 4 Billion peoples are using Emails. That is really a significant number if we compare it with the world population.

Till now, over 53% of the world population have their Email Addresses, and that number will rise to over 4.9 Billion till 2024.

Email Marketing Demographic Stats 2020 - 2024

In simple words, Emails are part of our digital world. Maybe You’ve never heard about someone who doesn’t have an email address.

Let’s put that into a business perspective. It is the most significant way ever built to reach your ideal customers.

Emails are the most vital part of Digital marketing. Daily, over billions of Emails sent, and the majority of them are business emails.

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#2 Target ​New And Existing Consumers

As I showed above the fact of how a large number of Email users exist, Email marketing gives you wings.

If you’re a business owner, you may probably know how effective it is to build a user base.

Why Email Marketing Is Favourite Of Digital Marketers

The great factor is that you can not just target the existing audience you can target as more as possible people.

Here are the stats of monthly active users on famous Social media platforms,

Number Of Monthly Active Users On Famous Social Media Platforms

Many websites provide the list of Emails of specific audience groups you want, but that doesn’t bring out as much conversion rate as your self-made email list.

If your business is already well established, so you should have to buy some of the lists and check them in NeverBounce to get meaningful ROI.

To Build Email list, check out this Guide to Email Marketing.

However, due to excellent technological innovation (smartphone), it gives the user the freedom to read emails from anywhere. Therefore, your Email is less likely to be ignored.

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#3 Email Marketing Is Best To Target Mobile Audience

Everyone and their mom know how important mobile phones are in our daily life. The fact is that email marketing changed the perspective of millions of marketers.

According to Campaignmonitors, over 70% of the people read their emails throughout the mobile devices.

Email Marketing Facts

And the study says that mobile users check emails 3X more. But that increase the competition.

According to Wowlocalmarketing52% of people are less likely to engage with company emails.

But if you focus on the Email design so that may help you a lot. According to SmartInsights, over 73% of companies prioritize mobile optimization of Email.

There is a big reason why Mobile optimization of Email is so important, here are the stats of,

Stats Of People Time Spent on Email

The sole purpose of personalizing emails is to make good relationships and trust with the audience.

You can’t bombard people; otherwise, your emails will likely be in their spam box rather than their inbox.

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#4 Email Marketing Can Be Personal and Customisable

You can’t post on social media for each specific person, where email does the same. You can personalize emails for the particular and each type of audience.

Personalized Email

What you have in Email marketing? Obviously, the list of emails of a bunch of peoples. According to the DMASegmented & Specifically targeted Emails generates 58% of all revenue.

And also, marketers have seen a super spike in their revenue up to 760% after segmenting their email campaigns.

Email Marketing Tactics With Stats

You can mention people individually, and this is the main factor of why email marketing is one of the most favorite channels for Digital marketers.

However, Personalized emails bring a 26% more open rate than the average emails.

It seems not a big difference, but when it comes to millions of emails, it makes sense that we try to improve our emails.

You can also highly customize each email template to test each of them to determine which of them provides more conversion.

What Is Conversion Rate

What is the Conversion rate in Email Marketing:- It is the product of the Number of Conversion/Total number of Emails sent multiplied by 100.

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#5 People Love To Engage With Emails

Over the years, email has become a new form of communicating with the world. People are actually like to read emails and reply to them.

People Love Emails

When it comes to business, especially B2P and B2B and even B2G, emails are the way of communication with the big heads.

And according to Oberlo9 out of 10 marketers are using Emails to distribute their content organically. And 81% of SMBs still rely on emails as their primary customer acquisition channel.

3 Mind-Blowing Email Marketing Facts

So now you can understand why it is important actually if you think deeper about it so you can understand it. Emails literally stand out first out of the junk.

And people trust emails more than social media posts because Emails seem very authoritative and trustworthy.

#6 Marketing With Emails Is Affordable

Most probably you are waiting for this portion. Well, honestly, Email marketing is a priceless way to promote your business entities to tons of people.

Because Email marketing company like Mailchimp allows you to send 10,000 emails per month, OmniSend will send 15,000 emails per month for FREE.

But don’t be in an illusion that email marketing is definitely worst because it is incredibly cheap.

Most ROI Generating Marketing Channels

The majority of Marketing companies costs you 0.000X cents per email, which is nothing when it comes to business. 

According to DMA, it is the most powerful ROI generating Channel. For every 1$ spent on Email marketing can produce up to 42$ in return.

It is highly cost-effective if you really take it importantly, Martech Advisor’s 2017 data say that by just adding video in emails, click rate increased up to 300%

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#7 It Is Action Oriented

Emails are action-oriented because whether you prove them your brand value, people are most likely to read, reply, sign-up, and even buy something.

If you genuinely think about this concept, you can get an idea about how you can draw clients’ attention by directly emailing them.

A simple email has multiple nature, that can be anything you can convince your client as you convince them face to face if you master the art of writing emails.

Welcome Emails Stats

All channels works as a company in itself, it is not just sending emails, but it is all about sending value to the people who want.

A welcome email is the best way to drive more traffic and sales to your existing website and webpages because, according to Campaign MonitorWelcome Email’s open-rate is about 81.43%.

#8 It Can Improve Sales & Conversions

Suppose you are a business owner or entrepreneur, so it makes sense that you want high revenue. That’s the email marketing actually does.

No other cheap marketing channel can highly increase the number of sales than email marketing.

Here are the stats of Marketing channels driving sales,

Marketing Channels Stats Of Driving Sales

According to MarketingchartsEmail marketing drives 42% more sales than social media ads.

According to Experiantransactional types of Emails generate 8X more opens and In-email click and also generates 6X more revenue than the conventional email type.

So when it comes to driving sales and generating more revenue, Email marketing is unbeatable.

You might be thinking,

What is Transactional Email?:- Transactional email is an auto responded email by the system. When the user made any transaction so auto-email triggers according to the unique behaviour of a user during the process.

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#9 Drive Traffic To Website With Email Marketing

You won’t even believe if I say you can generate tons of traffic from just proper email marketing in the right manner if you’re a newbie.

Here are the email traffic stats of some websites that might literally blow your mind.

Neil Patel and Backlinko are the most reputed, well known, and strategic Internet marketers, and they generate thousands of pageviews by Emails.

Medium.com Generates 11.55 M monthly traffic just by emails, which are 6% of their total traffic.

Bottom Line:- After reading the above information, if you’re thinking to plan mass promotion of your new website, so you’ll Google penalty because you also need organic search traffic, you can’t depend on a single source of traffic.

#10 Increases Brand Awareness & Recognition

Let me explain you it as a piece of cake so you can easily digest the information. What if, if someone sends you a suspicious WhatsApp message to buy their product?

You will immediately block that number in the next moment. But what if that exact message has been sent to you by Amazon? You definitely paid attention to that email.

Importance Of Brand Awarness

So it is called brand awareness & recognization, which is the hidden backbone of all the business entities without it, they can’t even stand out.

Well, if you are thinking about building a reputation with social media, so that’s a bad idea because nowadays, social media brand awareness is dying.

Email marketing is the only way to communicate with clients authentically and authoritatively.

#11 It Is Easy

For beginners, it seems a very complicated process like rocket science.

Honestly, I felt the same, but after researching, later on, I found that it is the easiest thing in marketing that you can do.

It depends on the main 4 things,

  1. Collecting emails
  2. Segmenting them in groups
  3. Creating a personalized email template
  4. Creating an Excel sheet and load them on Marketing Software

You can literally push your business and website to the new heights by investing a low amount of money and effort.

Collecting Emails is not hard here is how you can do that:- How to make Email List for Email Marketing.

The tough thing for newbies is creating and adjusting an excel sheet for the automation, and you can hire someone on Fiverr or Upwork because learning excel takes lots of time.

Everything in this marketing channel is easy, from collecting email to sending them out, measuring them, writing script for email, and other backstage processes.

The majority of the marketing software has an understandable UI so you can easily understand the simple but essential things related to it.

The good things are you can automate Email Campaigns. G-mass is a free alternative to email marketing software, and it does the same. 

In G-mass, you can add custom emails like send email X1 if users don’t open in X days or send Email X2 if users don’t take action.

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#12 Email Marketing Is Easy To Measure

There is always a big problem with other marketing channels is the less amount of transparency. You can’t clearly understand in other marketing channels that weather your invested money is paying off or not.

It makes sense that you get all the data related to the campaign to learn more from them and implement new tactics to get more ROI.

What Are The Most Important Things In Email Marketing

With email marketing, you do not need to worry about it because many tools provide you good insights about your email campaigns. By which you can get more ROI by adjusting the upcoming Email compings.

In the Email marketing, you should have to focus on 4 factors.

  1. Open rate
  2. Bounce Rate
  3. Click Rate
  4. In-email Click rate

These are the 4 things that define how successful your email campaign is.

#13 Email Marketing Vs Social Media Marketing Stats

Honestly, social media is also a critical factor in building brand recognization and also a great way to engage with the audience.

And by comments, you can also get tips and thought from your ideal clients to improve your existing products and services.

Stats of Posts Average Lifespan On Social Media Platforms

But when it comes to the lifespan of social media post-Vs. Email so definitely email wins because the study shows that the average lifespan of a tweet is about 18 minutes, making no sense for new startups.

The lifespan of a Facebook post is about 6 hours, and the Instagram post is 21 hours. Here is the data of the most famous social media platforms post lifespan.

Ideally, there is no such lifespan time of Email; Email stays forever in the client’s inbox. Nowadays, all platforms’ organic reach shuts throws the ground (literally 0 for Facebook).

Marketing Channels ROI Stats

Instead of wasting money on social media platforms, use that in Email campaigns to take your website or business to the new heights.

Here are the cool stats of Social media marketing Vs. Email marketing that you might like to read.

Email Marketing Benchmarks By Industry
Email Marketing Benchmarks By Industry- Source
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Wrapping Up

Everything from A to Z in marketing works as the whole system.

Without social media marketing, you can’t build better brand recognization, and without Email Marketing, you can’t build brand trust and more revenue.

Both are the same as heads and tails, but Email marketing is a win-win situation in some campaigns.

Here’s my article ends. Let me know in the comments if I missed something to mention here that might be worthwhile.

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