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Webflow vs WordPress: 15 Reasons of Why Webflow Is Better Than WP

Which CMS Is Best? Webflow Or WordPress?

Webflow is better than WordPress in many factors like codeless editing, great and superior design experience, website speed, high page score, stability, scalability & in the security of the website.

As the technical and user comfortability, both CMS WordPress and Webflow are good.

If we compare them so there is not so much difference related to SEO. From the beginning, we must have doubts about both CMS.

Beginners also spend too much time just deciding what to choose as CMS. In this post, I’ve shortlisted a comparison of both CMS.

#1 Codeless Website Designing 

Webflow Vs WordPress:- Webflow produce HTML and CSS based Website and You can build website by drag and drop where the WordPress produces Javascript, CSS, and Html Based Pages which is slower than Webflow.

WordPress is the template-based platform you can’t design from scratch. WordPress is a big headache to those who don’t know to code, yes you might say there are thousands of wordpress website templates are available.

But if we talk about custom needed design on WordPress, so we need to learn HTML and CSS.

#1 No coding in Webflow

You must have a basic understanding of widgets, CSS, HTML, and other theme-related stuff to build a website on wordpress.

But on the other hand, Designing a website on Webflow is easier WordPress because you’ll get a drag and drop website designing interface.

Where you can drag and drop elements and you can able to create a stylish and meaningful website as you want and imagine.

Bottom line:- Webflow provides drag and drop functionality to the design website WordPress doesn’t.

#2 Website Loading Speed

To create a stunning website with wordpress, you probably need too many plugins and page builder tools like elementor to get functionality and style you want.

But that ends up with bloated codes that are very slow to load.

Webflow loads faster than wordpress
Website Speed Is very Important For Better UX

The result he got was incredible, and it could be the best reason for you to switch your website from wordpress to Webflow.

This could happen because of javascript, on wordpress tons of javascript makes your website remarkably slower, but in Webflow, there is very less amount of javascript.

Here is the result of the Same designed WordPress and Webflow website speed test by Roman Kremianski.

Webflow Vs WordPress Website Speed Comparison
Webflow Vs WordPress Website Speed Comparison

In the Webflow, we basically work with clear and clean HTML and CSS, so at the end, we get plain HTML and CSS based website with super clean codes.

So it makes sense in terms of website speed because as much as codes are clean as the faster website will load.

Bottom line:- Webflow websites load faster than WordPress because of fewer Scripts and jquery.

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#3 Global Scalability Of Website

If your website is global and you want to target a global audience so in terms of scalability Webflow is the best because on wordpress you need to setup CDN, SSL, and stuff like that for the fast loading speed of website around the globe.

Webflow websites are more scalable

But Webflow comes with pre-set CDN and SSL. So you don’t need to waste time in stuff like that.

Obviously, Webflow is costlier than standard wordpress, but both prices end up with the same.

Bottom line:- Webflow websites are easy to edit for more scalability and advanced features like global users’ management and stuff like that.

#4 Security Of Website

Daily over 90K WordPress websites get hacked, and many people know how to crack the admin login page and how to crack and get the admin access of the WordPress website.

Wordpress is not safe

We need different plugins and themes to get the functionality we want finally, but we are not sure about is that particular plugin or theme is safe or not.

There are too many backdoors in WordPress. But in Webflow the security is charged by Webflow’s hosting, so that is uncrackable for someone to get into your account.

So it makes sense that we have to use Webflow for super security of the website.

Bottom line:- Webflow websites are easy to edit for more scalability and advanced features like global users’ management and stuff like that.

#5 CMS Customization

WordPress is not an out of box CMS it is a bloggers platform if you want to make your website big and want that other people can also log in and add posts, links, author names, the location so that functionality requires too much customization in wordpress.

CMS Customization

Many messes it and they end up with a broken wordpress website. Doing stuff like events on wordpress is very complicated and requires much much understanding of PHP.

But Webflow is out of box CMS, and you can also define Webflow’s CMS as blog post-CMS or Event CMS.

So this whole thing makes Webflow website much more dynamic and easy to understand and update the site. And again you don’t need to code Webflow.

Bottom line:- Webflow websites are easy to edit for more scalability and advanced features like global users’ management and stuff like that.

#6 Webflow Vs. WordPress SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

It is a common myth that people assume that wordpress ranks higher than Webflow websites in SERP.

There is no evidence of that. Most of the site on the internet is usually run on wordpress, but that doesn’t correlate with rankings.

Wordpress and Webflow websites ranking myth

In wordpress, you need SEO plugins Like Yoast SEO to add meta description, SERP title, and keyword focusing.

What is meta description:- It is a short 150 words paragraph that defines the search engine’s crawler and what article is about.

But Webflow comes with native SEO. You can directly add meta text, SERP title, alt tags, Keyword focus in Webflow posts.

webflow Post SEO settings

So it is just a myth that Webflow ranks lower than wordpress website.

Also, on both platforms, you can setup the permalinks. On wordpress, you need to go to settings and then need to change the permalink structure.

But on Webflow, you can directly edit link while you are going to post that particular blog post.

Permalink Structure In SERP

What is a permalink?:- It is the link structure of the webpage. If you are not using breadcrumbs on wordpress or Webflow, your permalink will be shown in the SERP, as shown in the image above.

Many users usually think about whether to click the SERP result or not just after reading the permalink.

Bottom line:- It is a myth that WordPress websites rank higher than Webflow, there is no evidence of it.

#7 Plugin And Theme Update Issues

Sometimes if you download, any plugin from other sources or even you customize that plugin codes to get design what you want.

Wordpress editing is case sensitive

And after the new update of that plugin comes and you update that plugin so the data you’ve customized will be lost.

And your posts will also be messed with other elements.

And many times updating plugin creates various issues like the Gutenberg editor update issue and so on.

For a long term plan, both CMS is great if you master them.

Bottom line:- In WordPress, a simple mistake will cost you a big loss.

#8 Minification And Compression

On wordpress thousands of plugins are available. you can use any WordPress optimization plugin to optimize your entire WordPress website.

Minification And Compression only possible in WordPress

Wp Rocket and Autoptimize like plugins allow you to minify and compress all the CSS, HTML, and js files in a single click that makes your website load faster.

Bottom line:- WordPress Vs Webflow Complete Comparison

#9 User Friendliness Of Website

Both CMS can be user friendly if you edit and design them in that manner.

As you know how easily we can build and design pages in Webflow, so everyone can design create pages in Webflow.

User-friendliness of the website is important

But in my perspective WordPress is a great and simple manageable platform if you have a little bit of coding knowledge.

WordPress has limited themes, but all the themes are really very user friendly and easy to understand, so the user can easily navigate to the entire website.

Webflow sometimes creates coding level issues and elements issues like overlap and so on. So I believe WordPress is more user-friendly than Webflow.

Bottom line:- Making a website on Webflow is very easy but making a responsive and multi-screen website is much easier on WordPress.

#10 Great Editing Experience

If you are a developer so it doesn’t make much sense to you, but for your clients, it makes sense.

Wordpress provides Great Editing Experience

Webflow allows you to edit your website visually rather than messing up with codes.

Clients hate coding and stuff like that. They need a platform where they can drag and drop things to create a website as they want.

For the industrial and business purpose of website development, you should have to make your client website on Webflow rather than WordPress.

Bottom line:- WordPress provides great editing experience to you if you are a coder and you have a basic understanding of HTML and CSS.

#11 Mobile Apps For Management

For building a more complicated and commercial store type website you must have to add support features or live chat features in your Website.

Mobile Apps For Management

Webflow also has some features like this but wordpress plugins for live chat with clients are great and easy to set up and run.

In terms of engaging with visitors and clients, wordpress is better than Webflow.

Bottom line:- There are thousands of plugins for adding features in WordPress websites like live chat with clients and so on, but on Webflow that takes too much time.

#12 Powerful Media Management

WordPress provides a media library, and also you can directly drag and drop media files in media respiratory.

If you want to create a small media library or image slideshow or stuff like that, so you need a specific media group from where your website can access images.

Both CMS provides the same type features, but the WordPress media library is easy to understand and use.

Bottom line:- WordPress media library is way better than the Webflow media library.

#13 Huge Community Of WordPress

Do you know that 35% of websites of the internet is using wordpress CMS? Yes, wordpress is very famous, and millions of bloggers are using wordpress.

Wordpress has huge community

WordPress is a great platform for bloggers.

Because it is blog CMS and also you can find any other blogger who is using wordpress.

So in the future, if you stuck at something in WordPress or got any issue so many people out there can help you because WordPress is vastly famous for its features.

Bottom line:- The majority of bloggers are using WordPress so you can easily find someone when you stuck in any WordPress related problem to help you out.

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#14 Easy To Handle Things

If you want to change your hosting so you can simply download and install any wordpress migration plugin or you can export all your data from your website.

But on the Webflow this process is very complicated because settings can be anything in different places.

Wordpress is very handy

So migrating and cloning Webflow websites is a headache and not so simple as it seems.

While on the other hand, WordPress is very easy to migrate and clone, the plugin called duplicator is a great plugin ever for WordPress website transfer from one hosting to another.

Bottom line:- WordPress is easier for managing and arranging things than Webflow if you have proper WordPress knowledge.

#15 Long term Website Stability

WordPress seems to be a big issue when it comes to moving websites from one hosting to another hosting.

Even by mistake, if you mess something with core files and databases, that ends with the whole website crash.

Webflow is more stable and reliable

And sometimes, some issues will become unsolvable, so it makes sense for a stable website you choose Webflow.

On Webflow, they provide backups so you can revert everything to the past, but on wordpress, you need to pay too much for backups and beg for help to the hosting support staff.

For your convenience here I’ve written the table of comparison between WordPress and Webflow.

And the greatest thing in Webflow is it provides auto-save features, so if by mistake you forget to save an article so you can get that back only in Webflow because WordPress has no autosave feature.

Bottom line:- Webflow is more stable than WordPress and your content is also more safe in Webflow because Webflow provides many counter issues features.

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WordPress Vs Webflow Comparison Table

You need to learn basic HTML & CSS to desgin your wordpress website as you wantWebflow is codeless CMS, you can drag and drop elements and design your website as you wanted
It has too many bloated codes which make its websites load slowerIt has clean HTML and CSS based pages and posts
You need to use your time for finding hosting, SSL and CDN​.It comes with pre-setted CDN, SSL and Hosting
WordPress websites are easy for many hackers to hack and get admin access to the websiteWebflow security secure your website which is literally uncrackable
WordPress CMS is basically developed for bloggersWebflow CMS could be anything, you can use it universally
You need to install SEO plugin in wordpress for basic post SEO and Meta descriptionIn it you can directly add all SEO related information while you’re going to publish the post/page
Many times posts and pages get crashes after wordpress core update or plugin updateThere are no crashes issues I’ve ever faced in Webflow
You can compress HTML, CSS and Js only in WordPress CMSYou can’t compress HTML, CSS and Js in Webflow CMS
WordPress templates come with native User Friendliness and mobile responsivenessIn Webflow you’ve to use your time to make your website look User Friendliness and mobile responsiveness
It is best if you are coder, because it provides the best coding interface to code elements and design websiteWebflow is not for coder, you can’t code anything in Webflow, Except some elements
It provides many plugins for stuff like live chat with clientsEstablishing live chat Interface in Webflow is a headache
WordPress provides great media manager where you can do all the necessary things with media filesWebflow doesn’t provide all the features as wordpress
35% of websites on the internet is based on wordpress, so anyone can help you if you stuck with wordpress problemsRarely bloggers use Webflow, so there is no chance that you find someone who uses Webflow, to get out you of problem
You can do multiple things in WordPress only, migrating and cloning WordPress website is a piece of cakeMigrating and cloning Webflow website is literally a headache
You have to be extra careful while editing theme or core files of wordpress otherwise you’ll lose everything You can simply revert to the past in Webflow, so there is no issues like wordpress
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Here my article ends, let me know In the comment what you are currently using, WordPress or Webflow.

Let me see in comments who wins WordPress or Webflow.

And also write below what you love more in any of this CMS.

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